Taking Pictures of People Smoking

V2Cigs Electronic Cigarette Complete Starter Kit (Penang, end time 1/6 ...The other day I had an idea of trying to take pictures of people smoking. Not specifically about them smoking but more about the smoke that they expel and take pictures of that. The smoke swirling around and people looking at it. I thought it was a good photo opportunity. I asked some people that smoked regularly and told them if they would help me out. Only one person decided to come over to my place so I can take pics of them. Funny part was that he didn’t smoke anymore! He was using some v2 cigs instead.

At first, I was going like great he messed up the whole point I was trying to do but then he went, “If it is just smoke you are going for this thing does it still and I think it does it just as good as a cigarette would have done.

Safety Courses and Training for Pasma

I just got a new job that will require me to go up on these mobile towers in order to do repairs, but I need to get the proper training in order to do the job first. I thought that the job would train me, but apparently you have to get the training through another party, so that you have the proper certification, or whatever the case is in this situation. I just know that I need to get it soon, so that I can start working. So I need courtley health and safety pasma courses information and I want to find a schedule as to when these courses are being held. I am not working yet, so I have a lot of availability with regards to when I will be able to go and take the courses.

I think that I have a certain time frame in order to get the proper training, or they are going to fire me before I even start making a paycheck there. I guess that makes sense from their perspective, but it seems like they should actually make people already have the training before they will consider hiring them.

I want to learn a bit more about these mobile access towers on my own, so that I have a higher chance of easily passing the courses that I need to take for the safety training. I also want to know what I am getting myself into thoroughly, because safety is a priority of mine, and I would really hate to get hurt doing my new job. I also have an even bigger concern for the safety of those that I will be working with and around, so it seems to me that I really need to get started on this training pretty soon.

Taking Pics in My Trip

While I was vacationing out in Vegas I was taking lots of pictures. Lots of tourist stuff and lots of random stuff here and there. I wanted to take something back and show to the people back home. One of the things I wanted to make sure to take pictures of was of the animals roaming about. This was a bit hard so I decided to get some help.

I got a las vegas personal trainer that dealt with getting pictures of animals in the wild. I met him inside of the hotel I was staying. He was waiting by the lounge area and then I introduced myself. He gave me a handshake and got his camera out. “Are you ready?” I nodded.

We went out to the outskirts of the town to go to a place he said was real good spot where animals gather around. We waited around and eventually we started to see some wild life going about in their lives. I saw a road runner run by and then eventually a slow moving creature started to move about. I got my camera out and zoomed in on this critter.