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I Ordered Two Bags of Coffee

Kopi Luwak – Revolt in the Coffee CornerMy pastor and his wife invite several people over to their house after every Sunday service. When they invited my husband and myself a few weeks ago, we were happy to go. She served a fabulous meal, and we all sat and had fellowship after. She asked if any of us would like to try a unique cup of coffee, and there were a few takers, including me. She brewed a pot, then served it. It was honestly one of the best cups of java I have ever had. She told me she bought it from, then she asked if we wanted to know what kind of coffee it was.

Since I knew that it was not the typical beans that anyone can buy at the local store, I was curious. I had to chuckle when she told us that it was an Indonesian coffee that is produced from the waste of civet cats. While that would make some people squeamish, it just made our group laugh and ask for another cup.