Things Are Much Easier Now with Just One Place to Take My Kids

I found it it was a real strain to constantly need to take both of my children to a variety of different places all over the city just because my children have very different interests. For example, my son played different sports. My daughter was into dance and crafts. But we found out accidentally that both of them have an interest in riding horses. You can imagine how this saved time for me. As soon as I learned they were both interested in long-term classes, I bought childrens horse riding clothes to help them feel the part and it worked. They loved everything that I purchased for them. While both of them loved different things, such as sports vs. dancing, they love riding much more than they do anything else they have ever done as a recreational hobby.

The way that my children’s new found love started was that my husband and I took the kids out to Kentucky to visit my husband’s brother. Continue reading

Getting Shooting Instruction for My Wife and Children Was a Good Idea

I think every child who is developing normally should have an opportunity to receive professional shooting instruction. My reasoning is that it takes away the mystery of firearms and lets the child know how to handle them with the utmost safety. Plus, it is super fun to go target shooting. I have never enjoyed any sport more in my life. I learned to shoot very young, and I have never had a mishap with a gun. I learned the right way to handle weapons of all sorts. It was rare to have any friends who shot handguns, and coming from a police family I got to shoot many different models from a young age. Continue reading