Best Games for Killing Time

Right now, I am at school and I am frankly bored out of my mind. I am sitting in my computer application class, and I have already done all of the work that I had to do for the period. So now I am just sitting at my computer with nothing much to do. My friend showed me flying games 365 and I hope that it will have some games on it that are fun to play. I am pretty much bored with all of the games that I usually play in class, and it will be nice to try something new, provided that there are actually some fun games on this website.

I will have to find that out. I am going to try to start playing here in a couple of minutes. Right now, the teacher is walking around the classroom, and so I have to try to appear busy, as to not draw attention to myself. That is why I am typing this right now. If I do not appear busy, then the teacher might give me extra work. That seems kind of ridiculous. It is like penalizing me for being a good student and getting all of my work done quickly. But anyway, once the teacher stops walking around the classroom, I am going to check out some of these games and see if they are fun to play.

I always have to be careful when it comes to playing games in the classroom. We are not supposed to play games, and you can get in trouble if the teacher catches you. But at the same time, I am pretty good at not getting caught, and so far this year, I have not been caught a single time while playing games on the computer during my class.