Best Reviews for Bingo Cafe

I want to be able to find an online site where I can play some Bingo and maybe win some money. I have always liked to play bingo, but the local bingo place has shut down in my city, and I am looking for some sort of replacement. I figure that I might as well do it online, as long as I can find a good site that will let me do so. I have never done it online before though, so I am looking at this bingo cafe review right now, to try to figure out if it is a site that I would be willing to use.

I guess that I am going to be fairly careful to make sure that I am able to find a site that I am comfortable with using. That means, I will need to have some sort of assurance that the site is reputable. I guess that is the biggest reason why I am reading a review at this point in time.