Crunching the Budget and Numbers

I was trying to figure out the best way to get more money into my savings account every month as I was trying to move out of my rental apartment and move into a condo or a small house. I am a single woman and while I love living in an apartment, I was hoping that I would be able to move to a home where I could call it my own. I was looking at the light bill and figured that I would have to unplug a lot of things when I wasn’t using them. The website showed me how low I could pay for internet and I was really looking forward to going to the site to be able to see where I could save money, and even cut some of the programming that I didn’t need. The problem with the menu was that there was not one network that I had to watch from each category. I was hoping that I could pick the networks that I wanted to pay for and watch, and forgo the rest. But apparently there is no such thing available from any of the cable providers.

I want fast internet service becaues I find that it is very easy to be able to watch my favorite TV shows online and by doing this, I might be able to forgo having a cable bill. I have always had cable so to live without it, it would be a challenge. I have two gorgeous TVs and I would hate to think that I wouldn’t use them anymore. I heard that I could hook up my laptop to the TVs and the screen of the laptop would be shown on the TV. With a few plug ins here and there I am thinking that is worth the money.