Getting Shooting Instruction for My Wife and Children Was a Good Idea

I think every child who is developing normally should have an opportunity to receive professional shooting instruction. My reasoning is that it takes away the mystery of firearms and lets the child know how to handle them with the utmost safety. Plus, it is super fun to go target shooting. I have never enjoyed any sport more in my life. I learned to shoot very young, and I have never had a mishap with a gun. I learned the right way to handle weapons of all sorts. It was rare to have any friends who shot handguns, and coming from a police family I got to shoot many different models from a young age.

When I visited relatives in America, I was able to shoot guns of all types. I even went to a special shooting range to fire fully automatic weapons. When I became an adult, I went into law enforcement. I have never had to use a gun on the job yet, and I hope to never have to. However, I am very happy to have received all of the professional shooting instruction I have over the years. It goes back to my first shooting lesson as a child. I was learning how to shoot a shotgun to shoot clay pigeons. I was growing impatient with the classroom aspect until they brought out the unloaded shotguns. I remember feeling the weight of the first one I handled. I remember the instructor telling me to use my muscles and not treat it like it was a flower that would wilt.

Shooting became a part of life for me. None of it was for violence. I never have even gone hunting before. I just learned to shoot targets such as clay pigeons. All of our children have taken shooting instruction to learn to be safe if they should ever encounter a firearm, and all of them go target shooting. My wife is actually a better shot than me with clay shooting.