Going Above and Beyond Customer Satisfaction

I’ve been hitting up Penang quite often lately due to a division of our company opening up in the area. It’s an exciting time for us and for me due to my promotion to Regional Project Lead – a long winded title which means I’m going to be busy for years to come. Sleep? Who needs it! This of course has meant that I have little time to drive myself which is why I’ve been contacting http://bigthumbcarrental.com whenever I’m in town. For most services they merely act as a car rental service but they’ve put me in touch with a professional driver who has helped me out whenever I’m in town.

This is the kind of customer service that allows a company to get ahead in their market. People take notice to this kind of thing – I certainly have! I’ve told my boss about the company who has made it his mission to contact them personally whenever he sends out any other employees this way. That’s the sort of profit a good company can make from becoming known for their customer service. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when it’s told from someone’s first hand personal experience.

Whenever I experience amazing customer service from a quality company I do my best to tell everyone I know to use them if they get the chance. It’s my way of supporting businesses that I feel are deserving of the money. These days it’s difficult to find a business or a service which can really impress. Maybe it’s because of the sheer number of services that crop up or maybe it’s because the philosophy of treating the customer well is dying off. Whatever the case may be, I want to help preserve those companies which are going above and beyond the norm.