Got a Great New Client

I am a photographer and I started to take pictures of a lot of people and when I found out that there was an over saturation of photographers in the area, I decided that I was going to into a new direction. I knew that there were a lot of realtors that were taking really bad pictures of houses on the market. They were not doing their houses any good. I thought that it might be best if I went and started to take pictures of new launch condo and other new developments and see if they would like me to start taking pictures for them. I would only charge them a low fee and if I went and got enough of them as clients, that I would be able to take a lot of them with me to the bank and do this as my full time job. I knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work and determination to be able to start this business but more than ever I was determined.

My mom is a real estate agent so I looked at her listings and saw that her pictures were not even mediocre, I decided that I was going to go and speak with her about the project and career change. However, I thought it would be best if I could go and spend a lot of time on the houses that she was listing so I could take pictures of them, at least on the outside. Then, I would go and have the pictures developed so she could see what her listings could look like. I told her what she would be able to pay me to use the pictures with no problem, I was really happy that she hired me for her entire firm.