I Had Custom Made Shower Doors Made

I was really excited about getting my bathroom remodeled. My husband and I had talked about doing this for a long time, but we just did not have the funds to do it. As soon as we made our final mortgage payment though, I told him that is what I wanted to do. So, we saved up what we would have paid on our mortgage, and within three months we had enough to do the bathroom. I already knew that I wanted a company that does custom glass in Somerset County, NJ to do the shower stall doors.

This company had custom made a good friend’s bathroom shower doors, and I really like how they look. In fact, it was partially due to how nice the shower doors are that I wanted to do our own remodel so quickly. We had just a shower curtain for the tub, but I wanted a garden tub against one wall, and the shower in the opposite corner. I wanted the door to have etchings on it, which I knew would have to be custom made since I had never seen what I wanted at any of the home stores we had gone to in the past.

When I contacted them and told them what I wanted, they told me that they have a wide variety of doors that they can do for us. I was able to look at a book of different designs and pick out the one that I wanted. My husband took care of ordering everything else, and I finalized the arrangements with the shower doors along with a full mirror that I wanted in the bathroom as well. Now that everything is done, I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful bathroom ever. Now several of my other friends want to have theirs done too!