I Need to Cut Costs

Instead of laying many workers off, my company decided that they should pay us all a lot less than what we were earning. I was cut about twenty percent off what I was earning before. While I am single and do not have a family so doing things like finding the cheap internet providers was going to be okay for me but, I have a lot of friends that I do work with who have a family and I did not know how they were going to be able to make it. Many men worked while their wives could work at home and take care of the kids. I mean work at home, as in a house wife. They work very hard to make sure that the kids and their husbands and homes are taken care of and I thought that it was going to be something awful that the wives might have to find a part time job at night.

I told a lot of my friends that they should see if they could look at other companies that had a better bottom line, where they knew that they were not going to get laid off. They said that they did not know if they could leave the company that they have been with for so many years. I told them that they were going to have to make a hard choice because they could not live on what they were currently earning. I could not imagine being in their place, nor would I want to be in their place. People were saying that they were going to to have to sell their homes and maybe even move across the country where we heard that a lot of people were having a great sales rate in our type of business.