Ice Dams Backed Up Water into Our Attic at Our House in Brooklyn

The frequent freezing and thawing this past winter really messed up the roof on our house at the eaves. We had damage from ice dams that got water backed up underneath the shingles and even damaged the gutters. As the snow built up on the roof, it would melt in the sun and then freeze again at night. This built up ice down by the gutters, and water filled the area during the daytime thaw. That backed up into the attic. We had to call a Brooklyn roofing repair service to come out and permanently fix the problem.

Our gutters were bent from the weight of the ice and pushing out away from the house. All of it could have been repaired, but we just took the opportunity to have the roof and gutters replaced. Our insurance was covering a big portion of the damage caused and the repairs, so we paid the extra to just have the entire roof redone and get new gutters. One thing we had the Brooklyn roofing repair service do was to add ice-melting heat cables at the eaves to stop ice dams from forming again. The cables blend in with the roof color and follow a zigzag pattern at the eaves. You can see them if you look close, but they do not detract from the nice look of our new roof. The cables are powered by electricity, and they are a heat source to melt snow and ice at the eaves to prevent our problem from happening again.

Our strange winter of warm and frigid going back and forth so much must have really contributed to the ice dams on our roof being much worse this past year. Now with the heat cable at the eaves, we do not have to worry about it.