Living at Seaside Residences is My Dream

I heard about the plans for Seaside Residences by Fraser well over a year ago, and it seems like things are finally starting to happen to make it a reality. That makes me really happy because I am growing increasingly unhappy with where I am living. I know that I won’t be able to move into Seaside for a while, but knowing that I will is all the motivation I need to hold on until that does happen. There are quite a few reasons why I want to move there, and location is just one of the reasons.

It is prime real estate here on the East Coast. It is right there on the water, and the view from any of the condos is just spectacular. There are some mornings where I will come into work early just so I can watch one of the sunrises. Knowing that I will be able to do that from my own balcony at Seaside Residences is nothing short of amazing. It is also super close to all of the stores that I go to for whatever it is that I need, whether it is groceries, clothes, shoes, a gift, electronics or anything else.

My favorite restaurants are also close by, as well as the theater that I enjoy going to with friends. When I am not busy going out with someone, there are so many things right there on the grounds to keep me busy too. There is a fitness center with state of the art equipment, swimming pools, a place for pets, a place to keep my bicycle, gardens, and more. I am getting excited about this because I want to make it my reality as soon as I possibly can. I keep getting updates, and each one takes me just a little closer to that happening!