I Could Personally Use Every Penny

car insurance quotes are one of the most important things that you can find with the internet. Sure there are tons of uses for the internet, but how many of them really save you money on something that you have every day. I mean you have to have insurance, there is no way around that. but with the internet, you can easily compare hundreds of different quotes, right from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to go into the offices, and you do not have to make those horribly awkward phone calls to a different country. You can just have a quick online chat with a rep that will be able to give you an accurate quote, and if you accept that quote than you start going to work. There is nothing better than it. If I could do it every day than I would, but you can pretty much only get a cheaper rate once.

Crunching the Budget and Numbers

I was trying to figure out the best way to get more money into my savings account every month as I was trying to move out of my rental apartment and move into a condo or a small house. I am a single woman and while I love living in an apartment, I was hoping that I would be able to move to a home where I could call it my own. I was looking at the light bill and figured that I would have to unplug a lot of things when I wasn’t using them. The http://www.cheapdslinternetserviceproviders.com/cheap-internet/ website showed me how low I could pay for internet and I was really looking forward to going to the site to be able to see where I could save money, and even cut some of the programming that I didn’t need. Continue reading

Looking for a Good Internet Service

Phone Cable Internet Service Providers In My Area Cable One ...I have been saving money upon my internet and tv for the past year and a half. It was necessary because I had other goals. However my situation is different now. I have my own house and I am going to be starting a side business which is going to require the best cable internet I can get for bandwidth. I will have to look into whether or not I shall have to get a business account, although it is obvious that this is what the cable company is going to say. They will certainly advise me to get the most expensive option that they can provide and that is a pretty scary thought to be honest. Those people have a monopoly in this area and you can be sure that they know it.

Getting Women Has Never Been So Easy

I have never had a luck with dating. I don’t know what it is; it’s not like I’m an ugly dude or anything. Sure, I am kind of awkward when I am talking to women – I can’t really help it! They’re all just so pretty and I never know if I am going to be saying the right thing with them or not! It’s very hard to be yourself on a date which is why I absolutely love the how to get girls with the zortbee method. This method has really helped me over the years find my inner confidence. Really, that is all it takes on most dates is to have confidence in yourself.

Watching a Home Improvement Show

Window Upvc - reviews and photos.Yesterday I was watching a home improvement show where the guy was trying to make the whole house more energy efficient. He did lots of things that I thought were neat and I took notes on this so that way I can try it later on.

One of the things they did was replace the windows with upvc sash windows. These help in saving energy for having a thicker glass that prevented heat from leaving the house as easily as the old windows did. The whole window was made so that no heat can leak out easily. I thought that was smart and started wondering how thin my glass was and if I needed to replace those as well.

Shelves of All Types That You Need

When it comes to home decorating, I’ve never had a good hand at doing it myself. I’m not much of a carpenter but I do have a sense of design and style; it’s the fact that I can’t always create exactly what I am imagining that prevents me from designing exactly what I want. However, that hasn’t stopped my girlfriend from giving me a hand whenever she visits! We decided that we would begin to setup some shelves for most of the new house – there was no ‘space’ in the traditional sense available! With where can i get cut to size wall shelves we finally have all the space that we need for the ‘nick nacks’ that we have. I don’t like to cluttering things up very much so I like to have plenty of shelf space spaced throughout the house so we can evenly spread out the collectible dolls and action figures that we collect. It’s a silly hobby but one that has been incredibly pleasing through the years!

I would have never considered myself being able to handle anything like this but with these easy to measure and cut shelves, they were practically ready to go outside of the box! That’s what I call service; we went all over the place looking for something similar and instead found exactly what we needed on the web. I have no idea why we didn’t check Google before going out – we could have saved so much money on gas had we done that instead. For now on, I think I am going to always check with Google and search a few times before I step foot outside the door. Why should I waste my time and money on gas when I can have exactly what I want delivered to me in just a handful of days?

Finding Your Cheap Chip Board Outlet

Thanks to advances on the web and the general acceptance with broadband speed Internet, we have been given the ability to find nearly anything we might want or dream of on the web. I have been using the web for years now and have seen the steady growth that it has experienced. Once there was a time where shopping online was difficult and there were few outlets that could provide you with much of anything at all. Now with sites like visit www.melaminefacedchipboardstore.co.uk I am able to even find these hard to get chip boards. Even Amazon.

Taking Pictures of People Smoking

V2Cigs Electronic Cigarette Complete Starter Kit (Penang, end time 1/6 ...The other day I had an idea of trying to take pictures of people smoking. Not specifically about them smoking but more about the smoke that they expel and take pictures of that. The smoke swirling around and people looking at it. I thought it was a good photo opportunity. I asked some people that smoked regularly and told them if they would help me out. Only one person decided to come over to my place so I can take pics of them. Funny part was that he didn’t smoke anymore! He was using some v2 cigs instead.

At first, I was going like great he messed up the whole point I was trying to do but then he went, “If it is just smoke you are going for this thing does it still and I think it does it just as good as a cigarette would have done.

Safety Courses and Training for Pasma

I just got a new job that will require me to go up on these mobile towers in order to do repairs, but I need to get the proper training in order to do the job first. I thought that the job would train me, but apparently you have to get the training through another party, so that you have the proper certification, or whatever the case is in this situation. I just know that I need to get it soon, so that I can start working. So I need courtley health and safety pasma courses information and I want to find a schedule as to when these courses are being held. I am not working yet, so I have a lot of availability with regards to when I will be able to go and take the courses.

I think that I have a certain time frame in order to get the proper training, or they are going to fire me before I even start making a paycheck there. I guess that makes sense from their perspective, but it seems like they should actually make people already have the training before they will consider hiring them.

I want to learn a bit more about these mobile access towers on my own, so that I have a higher chance of easily passing the courses that I need to take for the safety training. I also want to know what I am getting myself into thoroughly, because safety is a priority of mine, and I would really hate to get hurt doing my new job. I also have an even bigger concern for the safety of those that I will be working with and around, so it seems to me that I really need to get started on this training pretty soon.

Taking Pics in My Trip

While I was vacationing out in Vegas I was taking lots of pictures. Lots of tourist stuff and lots of random stuff here and there. I wanted to take something back and show to the people back home. One of the things I wanted to make sure to take pictures of was of the animals roaming about. This was a bit hard so I decided to get some help.

I got a las vegas personal trainer that dealt with getting pictures of animals in the wild. I met him inside of the hotel I was staying. He was waiting by the lounge area and then I introduced myself. He gave me a handshake and got his camera out. “Are you ready?” I nodded.

We went out to the outskirts of the town to go to a place he said was real good spot where animals gather around. We waited around and eventually we started to see some wild life going about in their lives. I saw a road runner run by and then eventually a slow moving creature started to move about. I got my camera out and zoomed in on this critter.

Great Prices for Mansfield Used Cars

List of HUD for sale homes in Mansfield, OhioThe other day when I was on my way to work, my car cut off on me and died. Luckily, I happened to be in the right hand lane of the highway, and therefore, I did not have much trouble pulling off to the side of the road safely. It was a pretty scary experience even though I was in the right lane. I don’t think there is much chance of getting that car repaired, so it seems to be the right time to start looking for used cars in mansfield ohio, because I am not going to have enough money to afford a new car right now.

I can’t believe that my car died on me in the way that it did, I really thought that it would last me a few more years.

Getting Medifast for Cheaper with Coupons

I have been trying to lose weight for awhile now, but sticking to the diet I created is really not working. I am having all kinds of lapses in my diet, and as a result, I have been taking in many more calories than I had intended to. As such, I am not really losing any weight, despite my increased efforts to exercise. Right now, I am looking for a diet that will help me to stick to a rigid eating plan and I want to see if I can save money with bistro md to save money on that system.

When trying to stick to my own diet, I often eat snacks that are not intended to be a part of the diet. Additionally, I have gotten fast food on a couple of occasions. I really like to eat food, and that is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for me to stick to a diet. I am thinking that with this Medifast system, I will eat what food I have in my fridge. Not to quickly, mind you, because I do not want to gain weight in preparation for going on this diet. Anyway, I will most of the food that is perishable and I will buy enough of the Medifast meals in order to last me for a month or two. I haven’t decided exactly yet, but that way, I will be much more likely to just eat the Medifast meals as scheduled. I am excited to switch to eating 5 small meals a day, instead of three larger ones a day. I feel like the size of the three large meals consumed can make a person sluggish for a few hours. So I am excited to try another way of scheduling my daily meals out.

Enjoy Your Visit to Blue Mountain Beach in Florida

Every year, millions of Americans drive or fly to Florida for vacation. The state is one of the top destinations in the United States. It is an especially popular destination for spring break, but people come to visit the state all year long. There are many great places to visit in Florida, from theme parks to national parks. You can spend your time on one of Florida’s many beaches, such as blue mountain beach. Here you can just lounge around on the sand and enjoy the sun, or you can go swimming or sailing. There is a great deal to see and do on the beach.

Many people, after visiting Florida on vacation, decide to take up permanent residence there.

Where to Find a Great Venue

... Suites today. We will identify the right solution for you and yourWhen you’re finding a place to host your meeting, it’s important to remember to not just find a place that can fit the number of people that will be attending but to also consider the venue itself, physically. If you’re hosting a meeting that is going to require speaking and engagement, you want to ensure that it has space for all your equipment, too, which is why I chose the woodlands meeting space. They have everything that I needed, including a recommended catering list – something that is quite important but often looked over by event managers. It’s unfortunate, too, considering how much food can make a difference for your meeting.

Should Have Looked for This Guy Sooner

Itchy Feet American Motorhomes, Winnebago Hire, American Motorhome ...Before I can make a go of my photography business, I have to get my car fixed once and for all. I have had it to several different shops, but none of them have been able to get it running like it should. I had to find a place that specializes in subaru repair.

Using Coupon Codes Makes Shopping Easier

I do a lot of printing, so it didn’t surprise me when my cheap printer ended up failing within a year of getting it. I knew that I needed to buy a better printer, but my budget could not afford one that cost a small fortune. I decided to look around online to see what kind of deals I could find, and I am so happy that I did. I had started looking at color printers when I saw a link that said to click here for officemax coupon codes. The store did have several different printers that I really liked, and being able to use a coupon code would help me tremendously.

I clicked on the link, and I was taken to a website that had a lot of different coupon offers. Continue reading

Some Things That Make a House Sell

I recently became a real estate agent. I have only been able to sell two homes so far, but I think that working in this field has been very exciting. I mostly sell sedona luxury homes. I have found through my studies and also my little bit of experience that there are some things that can really make a house sell quickly. The first impression is the most important thing. To make sure that a potential buyer has a good first impression, it is very important that the yard is neat and free of any garbage or litter. The lawn needs to be taken care of and there should not be extensive weeds growing.

How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent?

I have been thinking about changing careers. Right now I am sort of stuck in a mid level administrative job with a large corporation. It is a pretty good job for what it is and certainly it is vastly superior to having no job at all. I am a bit bored with the routine of it though and thinking about doing something like becoming a dallas real estate agent. I would like to have a job where I met different people and got to move around more than I do now. Of course there seems to be very little information which tells you exactly how to both become a licensed real estate agent and then get a job where you are selling houses and property.

The Importance of Strong Leadership Ability

In an effort to achieve profitability and increase sales, many companies today are offering in-house leadership skills courses to their senior level executives. Many of these senior employees work in key company departments like finance, business development and marketing. Because the work done in these areas are key to the company’s bottom line, it is very important that the managers and directors in these departments have strong leadership ability. In many corporate marketing departments today for example, it has almost become mandatory for creative directors and marketing vice presidents to take at least one leadership course within a twelve month period. These courses provide written and visual examples of corporate leadership which are designed to make creative directors and marketing vice presidents better leaders and decision makers.

Some of the topics covered in many leadership training courses today include, how to motivate employees, how to make hard financial decisions, knowing the right time to hire and downsize, and also how to lead by example. In addition, there are also many advanced leadership courses that educate business development directors on the right way to develop a new service and also how to be professionally prepared for a new product launch.

Along with executive level employees like vice presidents and departmental directors, there are also new leadership development courses being created that are designed specifically for chief executive officers. This is because there has never been more of a time in recent years when CEO’s needed guidance and leadership training. Some of the industries where a large number of CEO’s have taken advantage of these courses include retail, education, insurance and technology. Some of the topics covered in these courses include, how to be a strategic thinker, how to create a leadership image in the media, how to lead customers and share holders, and also how to create an effective in-house leadership team. The ultimate goal for taking these courses include increasing yearly sales, and reducing employee turnover.

A Great Spot for Vacations

Summer is just right around the corner and with spring beginning to creep up on us, granting us warmer and sunnier days, it might be time to start deciding where you want to go for your vacation! Oh yes, this is my favorite time of the year. It’s time to give a farewell to work, responsibilities and the hum drum normalcy of ‘home’ and say hello to adventure and new experiences. I have been considering checking out north manhattan beach el porto for some time now, there is nothing better than a vacation several states away from home. Typically, I like to go for more exotic locale but this year I feel like I should at least experience something new within my own country.

Exercising to Look Good for Family Photos

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was talking about doing a family portrait. We have not done this for several years and it is actually a very good idea. However, when I heard about this I immediately began to feel nervous. The reason I feel like this is because this is something that is going to be in the family for many years and I do not really like the way I look. This has motivated me to start a new exercise routine. I have done diets in the past, but I wanted to find personal trainer courses that would help me to stay motivated to lose weight.

I found that there are several benefits exercising, besides just feeling good about the way that you look. Most of these benefits have to do with your health. Even people that are suffering from severe diseases like cancer and heart disease can be benefited by exercising on a regular basis.

I also read a lot about how exercising releases certain chemicals in your brain that make you feel happier. I have noticed that after I workout at the gym or go for a jog, I feel like I am in a better mood and this makes me feel motivated to continue to exercise regularly. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds so far, but I like the way that I look in my clothes and I can feel that my muscles are becoming more toned. I am going to stick with this diet until I lose at least 20 more pounds.

My mother asked me if I would find a photographer that could take our pictures. We do not want to go to a department store and have traditional family pictures taken. All of us are kind of interested inDissidencePhotography or would like to at least have something done that is kind of unique.

Do’s and Don’ts for Securing Legal Counsel During Your Divorce

No one enters into a marriage thinking that it will someday fail. Unfortunately, many unions do not stand the test of time, and you may find yourself engaging in divorce proceedings with your former spouse. This can be a very complicated and confusing time, fraught with emotions. Particularly if your ex is seeking legal counsel, it may be a good idea to get an attorney on your side. A lawyer, like those employed at the eric willie austin attorney, can help you understand what steps you need to take to reach a fair settlement with your former spouse. If you are interested in retaining a divorce lawyer, the following tips may help.

Stay away from anyone who has not worked in family law for at least three or four years. In addition, seek out an attorney that has experience with your gender; for example, you don’t want to have a lawyer on your side that is used to working with men if you are a woman. Finally, take a look at how often a potential attorney actually goes to court; in most cases, you will probably want to settle as quickly and with as little tension as possible. If you have a very aggressive lawyer, you may not have the experience that you were hoping for.

Seek out an attorney that has a good reputation in your community; ask your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers for recommendations. Make sure that he or she is certified in your state and has a good track record when it comes to settling cases. Finally, look into their fees. While you want to hire the best person for your unique situation, it is important to make sure you can afford whoever you bring on board. Make sure they use retainer contracts, and get a copy of the contract in advance so that you know what you are in for.

The Financial Expert Law Offices

Bankruptcy is a serious problem that can be devastating to your entire family. Do you know what you would do if you were faced with having to go through bankruptcy? Getting legal help from a legal office such as http://www.redhilllawgroup.com/riverside can save you and your credit from any future harm. Most lawyers know the bankruptcy is a stressful situation, which is why they want to help you. By going in for free consultation you can find out what you can do about any that you might have and whether or not bankruptcy is an option. Inquiring about a free consultation can be as easy as leaving your e-mail and name on the website of the law office that you wish to visit. The entire process of bankruptcy does not take as long as you would think; the entire procedure can be done for a low price.

Getting a Lawyer for My Divorce

I found http://www.williedasherlaw.com when I was looking for a lawyer that would represent me in my divorce. I had to find someone that would be able to get things done quickly. I had some photos of my husband that I would be able to use to help get the settlement done quickly if the lawyer was willing to use them.

The whole reason my husband and I are getting divorced is because he was having an affair with our neighbor. I was actually given pictures of the two of them kissing on the front porch of my house from another neighbor.

Ways to Find the Right Furniture Removalist

2012_07_27-WILLIS_MORGAN.jpgYou probably arrived at this blog because you were searching for furniture removalists in Sydney and that’s great. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to try to figure out the best furniture removalists for the job you want done. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one. The first thing that you want to do is do some research about various furniture removal companies in your area. You will want to have each of them come to your old place and your new place so that you can get a good quote from each of them. You will need to take into consideration how much the service costs as well as the quality. You will need to make a budget on how much you can spend on the furniture removal. You might also want to ask about any other services that the company offers.

Data Cleansing for the Modern Business

JBC Computer Systems (Coventry) Ltd - Products & SolutionsIn the digital age it is critical to keep your information backed up and have it error free. A computer can become corrupted at any moment’s notice, leaving you unable to access your data resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars and priceless data. You can hire a data cleansing company to come out to your business and delete all the unnecessary files from your company’s computers, which will ensure that all computers continue to run smoothly. They will use programs to make sure that your data is stored properly and is always complete. It is important that you run data cleansing services often.

Data cleansing services will ensure that your business is running at an efficient and automated speed, which will result in maximum productivity of your Web servers and business from your employees.

Why I Choose to by Gold

Baird & Co Ltd goldline.co.uk Krugerrands PageI was wondering if it was still a good time to buy gold. Then I thought to myself how I do not remember gold ever going down in price significantly for any real length of time. From my childhood it has kept climbing in value. Looking back to the time of my grandfather, gold’s value has pretty much kept going up because there is only so much of it. Unlike much cheaper metals that we have in such vast quantities that we can build cars and buildings out of it, gold is valuable because there is not that much of it on a global scale. It is also gaining in value because it is used in high-end electronics and other products rather than just being something pretty to look at.

I figured that based on those simple facts, gold is going to continue to increase in value.

The Power of Promotional Products in My Business

I was looking or neat promo products to use as giveaways for customers and potential customers. I learned from my years in retail that promo items are the closest thing you can get to free advertising. Now it was my turn to find promotional products companies suited to the business I started. I used to design catalogs for a store. I became a very good photographer because of it being part hobby, and the need to know what product photos were best for the catalogs. Now I have my own business I am promoting.

I wanted promotional items that were tasteful and something that people would actually use. I did not want them to be something that people would take home and stick in a drawer. I wanted something that they would use every day. Something that would have them value it to the degree that they would stop by and ask for another one.

Accomplishing Things for the New Year

With the beginning of the new year here, I am starting to take care of some of the things that I have been putting off until after the holidays. I have been thinking about fire alarm testing, family portraits and a few other things that continue to find their way to the bottom of my to-do list.

I try to get my fire alarm tested at least twice a year, but this year, I only managed to get it done once and that was back at the very beginning of the year. My husband has been after me to take care of it because he says that there is no reason to have a fire alarm in our home or our business if we do not take the time to have them tested.

Best Deals on 4G Internet

I have decided that I want to get a better phone and a better plan with it. Of course I want a lot of things, but I suspect that the 4g internet deals are not going to be that easy to find in my ideal price ranges. In my area, the Triad or Piedmont of North Carolina there is one company which offers 4G wireless Internet for the Home or business customer. I am not sure that it is what I really want though. I do not think that you can make phone calls with it, although I suspect that if you had wi-fi on your phone you could probably use it for phone service if you were clever. I think that Android Phones have some sort of App that you can use to make calls over wi fi Internet on a home network.

My Website for My Photography Business

I have decided to leave the design of my website to the professional web designers. I am great with a camera and pretty good with photo editing software, but when it comes to putting it all together on a web page, I just cannot seem to do it. The scripts and things just kind of blow my mind. I have tried over and over to use the do it yourself templates to build a website for my photography business, but I just cannot seem to get it to look as professional and perfect as I want it to.

Taking Advantage of Holiday Deals

This lot is closed for bidding. Bidding ended on: 9/16/2012I absolutely love the Holiday season. The crowds, the people and their lovely attitudes and smiles on their faces! I look forward to it every year – especially the shopping. Now is the time to take advantage of people selling items on the world wide web with sites such as bidiction.com or Ebay or Amazon.

Political Dissident Insurrection

Dissident-InsurrectionPolitical dissent refers to any expression designed to convey dissatisfaction with or opposition to the policies of a governing body. Such expression may take forms from vocal disagreement to civil disobedience to the use of violence. Historically, repressive governments have sought to punish political dissent. The protection of freedoms that facilitate peaceful dissent has become a hallmark of free and open societies.


See also


dissident_logoDissent is a sentiment or philosophy of non-agreement or opposition to a prevailing idea (e.g. a government‘s policies) or an entity (e.g. an individual or political party which supports such policies). The term’s antonyms include agreement, consensus (when all or nearly all parties agree on something) and consent (when one party agrees to a proposition made by another).

In some political systems, dissent may be formally expressed by way of opposition politics, while politically repressive regimes may prohibit any form of dissent, leading to suppression of dissent and the encouragement of social or political activism. Individuals who do not conform or support the policies of certain states have been described as “dissidents.” Several thinkers have argued that a healthy society needs not only to protect, but also to encourage dissent.

In a well-known letter to Arnold Ruge, Karl Marx wrote: “if constructing the future and settling everything for all times are not our affair, it is all the more clear what we have to accomplish at present: I am referring to ruthless criticism of all that exists, ruthless both in the sense of not being afraid of the results it arrives at and in the sense of being just as little afraid of conflict with the powers that be.”

Mission Dissidence

Credit card companies have raised interest rates and increased fees on its customers already drowning in consumer debt. This seemly self-destructive practice of raising rates for people already behind on payments means banks have concluded many of its borrowers will never pay back their principal in this economy. The banks are moving to extract the most in interest and fees that it can get away with, fully expecting many at-risk borrowers to eventually default and file bankruptcy.

Ironically, if anyone could relate to the plight of over-extended borrowers, it should be the banking industry. For example, Citibank received $25 billion in government bailout aid during the height of the financial crisis. While they have yet to make a payment on this obligation, it has not stopped them from raising compensation for its executives or putting the squeeze on its customers.

Just as no one holds Citibank accountable for its bad decisions, it is no longer relevant how borrowers got into this position. The only important fact is this. It is virtually impossible to remove yourself from a financial hole while making minimum payments on a debt when the interest rate has been raised to 29%.

The purpose of this site is to provide resources and encouragement to people ready to stop this cycle of debt.

The Dumb and The Dissident


The Wall Street Journal printed a remarkable article called “Credit Card Debt: It’s Worse Than It Looks”. Everyone, regardless of financial condition, should read this. It paints a bleak picture as it reveals details behind recent headlines. For example, you may remember reading “credit card balances fell $19.5 billion in the first quarter of 2010”. Good news, right? Evidence of an improving situation? Well, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, $18.7 billion was written off debt–presumably the result of bankruptcy and debt settlement.

The author, by interviewing credit analysts, described people desperate to keep current with credit card accounts–overlooking high interest rates–to avoid losing their “cash lifeline” to cover emergency expenses. The article end by making this point…

But they know credit-card debt is foolish debt. (If you buy a $500 iPad with a 14% card and pay a minimum 2% of the balance each month, you will end up paying $637 for the product, including interest. And if you are in a 25% tax bracket, you will have to earn $847, before tax, just to pay for your “$500″ product. At $20 an hour, that’s 42 hours.)

What this means is that, increasingly, only two types of people are going to use credit cards as a source of debt: Call them the dumb and the desperate.

If you even suspect you fall into that category, you need to take action. Today. When the world’s most pro-business publication examines the credit card industry and calls them on their shit, you need to protect yourself.

Eastern Bloc & Ireland

Eastern bloc dissidents (Soviet dissidents)

The term dissident was used in the Eastern bloc, particularly in the Soviet Union, in the period following Joseph Stalin’s death until the fall of communism. It was attached to citizens who criticized the practices or the authority of the Communist Party. The people who used to write and distribute non-censored, non-conformist samizdat literature were criticized in the official newspapers. Soon, many of those who were dissatisfied with the Soviet Bloc began to self-identify as dissidents. This radically changed the meaning of the term: instead of being used in reference to an individual who opposes society, it came to refer to an individual whose non-conformism was perceived to be for the good of a society. An important element of dissident activity in Soviet Russia was informing society (both inside the Soviet Union and in foreign countries) about violation of laws and human rights: see Chronicle of Current Events (samizdat) and Moscow Helsinki Group.

Republican dissidents in Ireland


The term dissident has become the primary term to describe Irish republicans who politically continue to oppose Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and reject the outcome of the referendums on it. These political parties also have paramilitary wings which espouse violent methods to achieve a United Ireland.

Irish republican dissident groups include the Irish Republican Socialist Party (founded in 1974 – its currently-inactive paramilitary wing is the Irish National Liberation Army), Republican Sinn Féin (founded in 1986 – its paramilitary wing is the Continuity IRA), and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (founded in 1997 – its paramilitary wing is the Real IRA). In 2006 the Óglaigh na hÉireann emerged, which is a splinter group of the Continuity IRA.