Shaking Hands During Flu Season

I work in the sales world and I have a lot of people that are out sick with the flu. I work with a lot of customers that are always sneezing and coughing and I knew that it was going to have to be addressed soon, I did not want to shake hands with all of those customer during the flu season as it was not a great idea. I said that business etiquette in toronto could be changed during he cold winter months when everyone is stuck inside and they do not want to go out because of the illnesses. I said that fist bumps would be one of the best ways to say hello to their clients and to other people. I was hoping that a lot of people were going to back me up but I did not have a lot of people signing up with my petition online yet.

I had a lot of visitors to my web site of young professionals who said that they did not want to be one of those people that were going to be taking the time to looking at the site and think that it was a joke. I asked a lot of these young people how old they were and when they did wna to start with the petition and where they thought that we should take it. Many of these people told me that they were going to take the time to read what I was saying and many of them said that was already what their generation was doing when they were meeting new clients as it was the widely acceptable form to greet people but I must have been out the day that they taught ehat as I was not sure about the new practices.