SIM Only Plans That Offer Unlimited Voice Minutes and Texting

I did not want a new mobile. I just was looking for the best of the SIM only plans available today. The plans keep improving as time goes on. What happens is infrastructure gets better and usage patterns of the masses change. Not all that long ago there was a lot of talking going on with mobiles. That meant that minutes were what you paid the most for. Texting requires less in the way of bandwidth than voice or data which is a big user of bandwidth on the networks. Texting has been relatively cheap for some time. However, when texting became the dominant way in which many people use their mobiles, unlimited texting plans were offered.

Suddenly people started talking less and texting more. Older people got used to the new smartphones with QWERTY keyboards instead of the old T9 way of texting and it just took off. Since less talk was going on, it was easy for the mobile cellular service providers to begin to offer highly affordable unlimited minutes for people to talk. They could do this because most people would not be using it anyway. They would still be just texting all the time. However, it is nice to know you can never go over on your voice minutes.

I have had a few conversations with friends, parents and my boyfriend that really used up my minutes. I remember not taking calls until my bill cycled and I got new minutes. Now with the best of the unlimited SIM only plans, I can talk and text all I want without worrying about going over. I still have to keep an eye on my data usage because it is maxed out at 3 gigabytes per month. As long as I use Wi-Fi most of the time, I should not have any trouble going over on my data plan.