The Choices We Should Already Have

As a modern American consumer I’ve enjoyed the luxury of having a choice when shopping for a product. Go into any grocery store and you’ll find tens of thousands of different products laid out for us to choose from. Where we lack the most in options is a product that many Americans feel to be an important part of their lifestyle; Internet access. The average American is only going to find two or three providers in their area who are able to service digital speeds. Even satellite Internet service is unable to match the higher tiers of digital cable services.

That doesn’t mean satellite is a poor choice but it does limit consumers rather severely with data caps. This means a user is only able to browse or download so much before they lose service completely; an experience which should not be happening now in the United States. We should have grown past this absurdity. Many other nations have progressed their service infrastructure for the Internet and can offer incredibly fast speeds at low, low prices. In the United States we’re often overcharged for speeds which are not all that impressive when taken into consideration how many Americans work from home or even attend classes.

We should be able to offer our citizens much more. The Internet gives everyone an opportunity to better themselves. It gives them access to more options and choices for their buying needs. The providers are frightened of these online services who have been influential in transforming our economy by giving consumers a power. The power to freely access content that has long been held behind expensive pay walls. We have so many choices at our fingertips now that it can be difficult to choose what we want. It’s going to take further improvement of our cables if we wish to continue our progress.