The Exploitation of Our Genders

Growing up as man in a modern American culture, we have had to come to accept the fact that there are going to be women whom will perceive as more animal than an individual due to what they perceive to be our ‘dominant sexual power’. It’s true that many men will pursue women for the desire of sex but the same is also true for women; it’s a truth that belongs to human nature and not the nature of either gender. When we begin to assign specific traits to our genders we only encourage this sort of misconception that can only become mistrust.

Both men and women must come together in our society to help repair the damage that has been done. We need not to see ourselves as victims; man as a victim to his own base needs and women as victims to man’s base needs. What has been done to men in many facets of media is what I would consider the equivalent of male ‘slut shaming’ that exists between women. There is absolutely no reason to ever shame another individual for their enjoyment or for their indulging in sexual desires. Humans are incredibly sexual beings as our entire bodies are biological receptors for sensation and experience.

We live our lives in a pursuit of pleasure. We seek out rewards on a daily basis. It can be a pleasure from completing a task, from playing a game, from listening to a song or watching a movie or merely daydreaming – our ability to experience reward has nearly no bounds. It is only natural that we should experience some of the most exquisite and powerful moments of pleasure when we come together in order to participate in an act that allows us to stimulate one another in a way that transcends even our own idea of pleasure.