Thinking About Growing a Few Grapes

Of course people have been growing grapes in this country for a long time, but for the most part they have not had a famous history of fine wine making in NJ. I know that the most famous types of grapes grown in this area are Concord grapes. At any rate I guess that you can grow a few different varieties of grapes in this state, but you have a number of problems to look out for. Of course in California and other areas you have bears who come down out of the hills and eat your grapes. Bears will eat anything and if you grow them a thousand acres of grapes they are going to help you harvest them. Of course there are very few bears left in Morris County where I live. There are a lot of animals who like the grapes of the rest of the plant. The big problem is with Starlings apparently. Of course those are more or less like flying rats from all that I know about them.

Rutgers has a lot of information on their web page about it and how much you have to produce if you want to make wine on a commercial basis. They talk about growing three to four tons of grapes per acre, I am not sure that I am that ambitious though. In fact I might just want to start out with about three or four acres. Me and my father in law have about fifteen acres we could use if we wanted to, but we mostly look at the land as a long term investment. That is to say we are going to eventually sell part of it at the least. So there is not any real point in putting stuff on it when you might turn around and sell it if you get a good offer.