Valuing the Things You Own

In Singapore, space is a commodity all of its own. You might think that back home in the United States space was a precious commodity, and it certainly is, but it’s nothing like it is here! Most Asian countries that I have been to, at least Asian countries who are near enough to be Island-States, do everything that they can to limit the amount of space that they use on a day to day basis. So it’s no wonder that a place like Store Friendly has such an amazing premium on storage space compared to the storage units in the United States. When I set about moving to Singapore, I had an idea of what I needed to take and what I should probably leave behind if I wanted to be able to live comfortably in an apartment in Singapore. Even if I got one of their executive condos, I knew that I was going to have to limit the amount of stuff that I carried with me.

Boy. I was way, way off on calculating on the amount of space that I would have in my apartment so it’s pretty fantastic that Store Friendly was there for me, only a few blocks away, ready to take everything that I couldn’t fit into my apartment which to be frank, was a lot. It’s a clear difference within our cultures – it seems like those that live here put more value on people and heirlooms or expensive items rather than the overflowing number of things that I’ve bought over the years on a whim or spending impulse. After being here for a year, I’ve already learned how to curb my shopping habits while I save up for larger purchases for things that I will definitely place more value into instead of being an impulsive buy.